CP Bio Vocabulary List.

Astronotus ocellatus

CP Biology

Periods 2, 4, 5, 7 | Room 305

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This course explores biological principles in a comprehensive approach. The course examines: ecology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, microorganisms, plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates. Students' understanding of biology is fostered through laboratory investigations, problem solving, and critical thinking activities. As a result of this course, students explore and explain concepts of biology and its related applications.

Astronotus ocellatus

CAPT Portfolio

Period 1 | Room 305

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Students in CAPT Portfolio will:
learn science through investigation, exploration, and questioning
experience relevant/real work science phenomena
use common science language and vocabulary
be independent learners and thinkers
use technology for learning
achieve science proficiency and be prepared for college-level coursework upon graduation from SPS

Extra Help

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